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    NEW! Nelson Tigertass

    Text & ill. Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Nelson Tiikeritassu (Teos)

    Suom. Jaana Nikula

    Little Nelson arrives at the train station early one morning, with no clue how to find his way home and the people around him way too busy to help a stranger. Except one... And so, an adventure begins. Chapter book.

    Förlaget M, 2019

    Pappa, jag och havet

    Text & ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Isä, minä ja meri (Teos)

    The second part of the Fidel trilogy takes place under water. A story about facing fears and learning to be oneself, made in scraperboard and watercolor.

    Nominated for Runeberg Junior 2019.

    Förlaget M, 2018.

    Kurre Snobb och popcornen

    Text: Sanna Tahvanainen

    Ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Kurre Keikari ja popcornit (KSS)

    Suom. Katriina Huttunen

    He was the most elegant squirrel in Holland Park, up until he found that gorgeous looking box filled with little clouds... A furry fable about addiction and decay.

    Nominated for Runeberg Junior 2018.

    Schildts&Söderströms, 2017.

    Jag, Fidel och skogen

    Text & ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Minä, Muru ja metsä (KSS)

    A story about facing the dark and seeing light also where there is very little of it. Scraperboard and watercolor illustrations.

    Nominated for Toisinkoinen 2016, Finlandia Junior 2016 and Runeberg Junior 2017.

    Schildts&Söderströms, 2016.

    En sann historia

    Text & ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Totta toinen puoli (Teos)

    Suom. Ilpo Tiihonen

    A book for any child who has ever met someone with many wrinkles. And for all those who have lived a life and gotten some wrinkles. A story where the wild and free meets ordinary family life.

    Schildts&Söderströms, 2014.

    Det är som det är,

    sa murmeln Pierre

    Text & ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    In the Dark Forest there are crooks to catch, treasures to hide, wilderness to conquer and knees that need sticking plasters. But one day, everything is somehow different. Based on a Chinese folk tale. Kontrabluff, 2014.

    Adalminas Pärla

    Text: Zacharias Topelius

    Ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Adalmiinan Helmi (Teos)

    Suom. Asko Sahlberg

    A classical tale by 19th century writer Zacharias Topelius. Digital collage art

    illustrations. Söderströms, 2011.


    Text: Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo

    Ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    Hämäräkirja (Teos)

    Suom. Henriikka Tavi

    The darkest children's book in the history! A classical tale with b/w scraperboard illustrations. Söderströms, 2009.

    Sagan om prinsessan Bulleribång

    Text: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    & Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo

    Ill: Lena Frölander-Ulf

    A princess rescues her prince from a terrifying dragon. Söderströms, 2006.

    Work in progress

    A tiny christmas story is in the making. About a green little sort of Santa's eco-friendly helper. And the third part of the Fidel trilogy is to be released in 2020!

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    Lena Frölander-Ulf is a Helsinki-based writer and illustrator of children's books. Writes in Swedish (and sometimes in Finnish). Her picture book Jag, Fidel och skogen (S&S, 2016) was nominated for three different awards; the Toisinkoinen 2016, Finlandia Junior 2016 and Runeberg Junior 2017. Pappa, jag och havet (Förlaget M, 2018) was nominated for Runeberg Junior 2019. Lena has participated in several exhibitions—in Finland and internationally—mostly with her scraperboard illustrations. She also works as a graphic designer, specializing in illustration, book covers, logos and ornaments. Blogging on www.kreativitetsfysik.com (in Swedish). Plus, she is a proud founding member of the punk inspired lighthearted theatre group Teater Tapir.


    Photo by John Grönvall


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